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Trans fats shrink the brain, increase dementia risk

A recent study found a diet high in trans fats shrinks the brain and increases the risk of dementia. Trans fats are found in fast foods, processed foods, margarine, shortening, chips, flaky pastries, many fried foods, and many popular convenience foods. They can be identified in a list of ingredients as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil. Diet high in vitamins, omega 3s protect brain On the other hand, study participants …Read More

Your brain is what you eat: Hydrogenated fats

Question What is all the fuss about hydrogenated oils, or trans fats? Aren’t they OK to eat in moderation? Answer The hydrogenated fat you eat becomes part of your brain and nervous tissue. Because of its unnatural structure, cells and neurons composed partly of hydrogenated fat do not function properly. The brain is made up of the fat you eat If someone calls you a fat head they are not …Read More