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Why do I crave sweets all the time?

Question I know sweets are bad for me, but why do I crave them all the time? Answer Sweet cravings can signal a blood sugar imbalance. Addressing the imbalance can curb your cravings. Consider reactive hypoglycemia We like sweets—sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, and fruit—because they give us a burst of energy and even make us feel euphoric. But feeling like you can’t live without them can signal a blood …Read More

Why do I have brain fog all the time?

Question I seem to live in a perpetual fog, like I can’t think clearly or I’m not all the way there. Why do I have brain fog? Answer Brain fog is a sign of brain inflammation. Although inflammation in the brain doesn’t cause pain, it can cause symptoms of brain fog. The brain is protected by a thin lining called the blood-brain barrier, which allows nano-sized compounds in or out …Read More

Why can’t I lose weight?

Question It seems all my attempts to lose weight and get rid of my belly fat fail. Is there hope for me? Answer Absolutely. Normal attempts at weight loss can fail if you’re battling any metabolic disorders. When you are doing all the right things but still not losing weight you may have some health issues sabotaging your efforts. Issues that can hinder weight loss: Hypothyroidism Chronic inflammation Food intolerances …Read More