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Who Did Dr. Anderson Treat Today?

Restoring Neurological Function

This afternoon I worked with a patient who has a degenerative neurological disorder.  He suffers from a progressive loss of structure or function to his neurons, resulting in a worsening of the body’s activities.  This may affect many systems and functions, from balance and movement to heart function. As a result of our work together over the last month, we have noted a twenty percent increase in his overall ability …Read More

Simple Explanation For Fatigue & Weight Gain

I saw a lab result this morning with a commonly missed finding for a woman that has seen nearly a dozen doctors. Over the last decade she has struggled with fatigue and weight gain and received no answers.  It turns out that she has a specific type of anemia that does not cause lab ranges to be out of range.  This pattern can only be recognized if the proper tests …Read More

Correct Your Drooping Eyelid

Yesterday I was packed full of patients with neurological issues. Most have pain and complicated problems, but often I see something easy like a drooping eyelid. It’s called “Ptosis,” pronounced “Toe-sis” and is due to a weak cranial nerve III. It is often correctable by doing eye exercises, looking to the involved side repeatedly several times daily. Of all the things I can do this is what my wife appreciates …Read More