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Holistic Medicine Helps Patients With Fatigue and Memory Loss

Practicing holistic medicine is most fulfilling when I’m able to work with patients affected by conditions which may not easily show up with diagnostic testing. Pursuing and uncovering a diagnosis is an exciting process when it changes the lives of my patients.

A gentlemen came into my office today, laden with concern about his fatigue and memory loss symptoms. I began by reviewing the lab work included in his patient forms, which revealed little. Next, I used a brain chemistry evaluation tool called the Braverman Assessment. I noted an inversion, a marked chemistry deficiency in his levels of acetyl-choline. And after reviewing his family history, I recognized that his mother suffered from Alzheimers. (During the normal aging process, acetyl-choline tends to decrease resulting in memory decline in older individuals. A considerably more drastic drop in acetyl-choline levels is one of the many factors linked to Alzheimers.)

Additionally, my patient is currently suffering with hypo-thyroidism. This condition shares the similar symptoms of mental cognition difficulties and increased fatigue.

As a clinician, I have to discern whether my patient is showing early signs of Alzheimers, a manageable deficiency in acetyl-choline levels or whether his symptoms are related to his hypo-thyroid condition.

I requested a full thyroid panel to acquire more information and his thyroid appears to be functioning well. Having minimized this concern, I treated him with a product that actually increases acetyl-choline in the brain by both nutritionally supporting and stimulating its production. In two weeks, we will reconvene and I’m hopeful that results will be apparent.

Holistic Practitioners perhaps stand alone when it comes to processes like this. A patient such as this older gentlemen may not get the help he needs from another source. I strive to discover the underlying factors behind symptoms, implementing a functional methodology which will guide me to develop the right conclusion. I am challenging him. It will become clear in a few months whether balance has been restored to his brain chemistry when more optimal function resumes.


Damage to the cholinergic (acetylcholine-producing) system in the brain has been shown to be plausibly associated with the memory deficits associated with Alzheimer’s disease. http://www.biopsychiatry.com/alzheim.htm

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