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Doctor Directed Therapy Exercises Can Provide Relief For Chronic Pain

I often see patients who have spent several years struggling with chronic pain and it is incredibly discouraging for them to live with daily limitation. At Holistic Health in Austin, we have solutions to help our patients find relief through exercise and alternative medicine treatments.

I had the opportunity to help a woman this month who has suffered with lower back pain for three years, before finding relief. Although my plan to resolve her condition was optimistic, early on it became necessary to postpone progressive treatment while she traveled out of the country. She was concerned how an interruption would affect her condition. Neither of us wanted to see her lose the progress she had made in her initial visits. In order to offer her the best possible outcome in the interim, I taught her husband three exercises to help with strengthening, stabilization and pain relief.

After a month in India, I was hopeful that the exercises provided beneficial maintenance and sustained her condition against further decline. We were both delighted at her return exam because these simple at-home exercises did in fact help with the pain she was experiencing and the nerve impingement reduced considerably.

I was able to continue working with the disc injury to help her lower back move correctly, utilizing techniques to release restricting muscles and traction the lumbar spine. And we were both grateful that she enjoyed her sojourn to India with limited pain and still made effectual progress when treatment resumed.

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